POPKON- Livestreaming to Earn

Distributed incentive livestreaming platform to earn
The core of POPKON project is in the operation of L2E (Live streaming to Earn) and SocialFi (NFT + Staking & Treasury). Creators, users, and any participants in the ecosystem will be provided an environment to directly produce profits through staking pool without the need of a third party. Those in possession of POPK Tokens and NFT can join in the platform decision-making process, which returns with rewards. Token circulations are not one way directional, POPKON aspires to be a healthy governance to make a virtuous circle from token distribution through a reward system for participants.
In addition, a plan to introduce a blockchain DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) system is being laid out to build distributed incentive live streaming platform to earn for more transparent, stable, and convenient to use in real-life.
Last modified 1yr ago